31+ Happy 1st Birthday Granddaughter Wishes

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Happy 1st Birthday Granddaughter
Happy 1st Birthday Granddaughter

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  • Happy 1st birthday Granddaughter! To us, your first birthday is more important than anything else. It’s because we love you so, so, so much! And because of your big princess birthday cake.
  • Happy 1st birthday my cute baby, what a pity you can’t take ice cream and pizza. But don’t worry, in a couple of years you’ll have some. Have a long and healthy life.
  • Happy 1st birthday to a honey of a granddaughter. You won’t remember your first birthday, but we will. We can assure you that it was a blast. We had so much fun. Of course, we have fun just staring at your beautiful face.
  • Happy 1st birthday to my Granddaughter! For Grandma and Grandpa, it has been a truly wonderful journey watching you grow up since you came into the world a year ago. We looking so forward to many more years of wonder with you, our darling granddaughter.
  • Happy 1st birthday to our little honey bun! You are so sweet that even your birthday cake is jealous of you. We just want to eat you up, with hugs and kisses.
  • Happy 1st birthday to our sweet granddaughter! You are so sweet and cuddly. We love your little kisses and hugs. We love everything about you, from your beautiful face to your chubby toes.
  • Happy 1st birthday to the cutest granddaughter ever! You’ve only been on Earth for merely a year but you’ve already made so many people’s lives so much better. Imagine how much joy you will bring all who love you in the years ahead. It’s unimaginable!
  • Happy 1st birthday to the most adorable princess in all the land. You are so beautiful, both inside and out. We love you.
  • Happy 1st birthday to the sweetest sweetheart we know! That’s you, honey. Have a wonderful time today, even if you don’t remember anything at all by tonight. Live in the present (that’s code for eating your birthday cake with your hands).
  • Happy 1st birthday, darling. A year ago today, you came screaming into our world. Now you always have a big smile on your face and a song in your heart. You fill our hearts with such joy. We love you.
  • Happy 1st birthday, little girl! May all the joy, smiles and laughter of your first year be multiplied a million times over in the years ahead.
  • Happy 1st birthday, little sweetheart! We’re going to give you BIG grandma and grandpa hugs and kisses. Don’t worry, we don’t bite (only your birthday cake, if anything).
  • Happy 1st birthday, my beautiful granddaughter. You may only weigh 20 lbs, and may still be tiny enough to hold in my arms, but you’ve brought me more joy and wonder in one year than I’ve had my whole life.
  • Happy 1st birthday, my dear, sweet granddaughter. My love for you is larger than life itself. I never knew I could love someone as much as I adore you.
  • Happy 1st birthday, our precious little princess! You’re only a year old and you’ve already stolen our hearts! You can be our little love thief anytime.
  • Happy 1st birthday, our precious sweetheart! I know that you want to start walking everywhere, but don’t go too fast. Mommy and Daddy are tired from all your late-night feedings and diaper changes.
  • Happy 1st birthday, sweet granddaughter! May the days, weeks, months and years ahead be as happy as your very first birthday!
  • Happy 1st birthday! Here’s to 365 of the best days of our lives. We feel blessed being your Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Happy 1st birthday! It’s your first birthday, so have a blast! Play with all your new toys and, most of all, eat lots of birthday cake (with your hands, of course), smearing it everywhere.
  • Happy 1st birthday! Our darling granddaughter, you have given us so much joy, hope and love, magically filling our lives with long-forgotten childlike wonder. We are hopelessly and happily under your magic spell.
  • Happy 1st birthday to my Granddaughter! You are more than precious to us, your ever-loving Grandma and Grandpa. You are priceless. We love you so much!
  • Happy 1st birthday! You are our darling, dear 1-year-old granddaughter, more precious to us than the rarest treasure in the world.
  • I am so sure that this is just the first of the many years you will spend with us here. We cherish and love you. Happy 1st birthday granddaughter. You rock our world.
  • I can never have enough of that pretty little smile, I am proud to be sharing your first birthday with you. My wishes to you are that you never luck a single thing and that you may get to enjoy the beauty of the world all day every day. I love you granddaughter.
  • Just one year ago God reached down and blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter. We thank Him every day for our special gift.
  • Little angel, your cute smile is the most wonderful thing that I have ever seen in this world! The warmest wishes on your birthday, dear!
  • The sweetest birthday wishes to a charming baby girl! May your life be full of bliss and merriment!
  • Watching you is such a blissful experience, sweet little girl. You grow up so fast, and one day you will become a beautiful and charming lady. Have a day, filled with pure delight!
  • When you wish upon a star, I hope all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday to my sweetest 1-year-old granddaughter! I love you to the moon and back!
  • Wishing you a very Happy 1st Birthday, my little doll. You bring unlimited joy into our life, sweetie!
  • You are a loveable little baby, may your life be as colorful as the rainbow in the sky. Happy first birthday granddaughter.

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