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30+ Happy 4th Birthday Granddaughter Wishes

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Happy 4th Birthday Granddaughter
Happy 4th Birthday Granddaughter

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  • Happy 4th Birthday, Granddaughter. Thinking of what a sweet Granddaughter you’ve ALWAYS been. Feeling so proud of the woman you’ve become and wishing YOU All the happiness in the world. Have a Wonderful Day
  • Happy 4th Birthday to my sweet granddaughter who always cries for a bike. Enjoy, honey.
  • Happy 4th Birthday to my Granddaughter. Now we know why God made us face so many hardships and struggles when we were younger. He wanted to balance out the sadness in our lives with the extreme happiness of having a wonderful Granddaughter like you.
  • Happy 4th birthday to the most adorable granddaughter in the world! May your day be super sweet and full of fun!
  • Do you wanna play “hide and seek” on your birthday, dear? Your grandmother is still young and ready to be the craziest grandma for her little granddaughter! We’ll have fun, I promise! Happy birthday!
  • I will always have a limitless supply of three things for you in life. ADVICE LOVE AND COOKIES! Happy 4th birthday Dear Granddaughter.
  • If life is a cake you are the slice which tastes sweetest. Happy 4th birthday to our dearest Granddaughter.
  • If you think that your Grandpa and Grandma have put on some weight. It’s only because we have puffed up with pride from having a beautiful Granddaughter like you. Happy birthday
  • My little baby girl now can run and play all the time. May God protect you and keep you strong, just don’t ask me to run after you.
  • On your birthday, we promise to continue to pamper you enough, spoil you silly and most importantly, protect you from your parents when they get angry. Your grandparents love you, Happy Birthday Sweetheart
  • Our family has that special something ‘YOU’ Granddaughter! Happy Birthday
  • Our lives would have been much easier if we directly became Grandparents of a loving Granddaughter like you, rather than parents of a naughty child, like your Dad. Happy Birthday Little One.
  • Thank you for being the most wonderful granddaughter, sweetie, happy birthday to you!
  • the best they did, was to give us a wonderful Granddaughter like you. Happy birthday
  • The only job your grandparents would love to do, without being paid is to be your full-time babysitter. Happy birthday little one.
  • The warmest birthday wishes to my sweetest granddaughter! Do your best, my girl, because you’ll always have my back and support. Love you. Happy birthday!
  • The word Granddaughter suits you perfectly, because YOU MAKE our
  • We always thought that your mother was the prettiest woman in the world
  • We have always been so proud of your Dad and all the achievements he has made in his life, but we are MOST PROUD of his biggest achievement, becoming a FATHER to an ADORABLE PRINCESS like YOU. Happy 4th birthday to you, from your grandparents.
  • We thought we already witnessed the happiest moment in our lives when your father was born to us, but destiny planned to give us loads of other happy moments after you were born. Happy birthday sweetheart.
  • When I am with you I don’t need anyone else. You are equal to a party. Wish you have a wonderful day.
  • When your mother was young she was lazy and naughty, but you my dear Granddaughter are so well behaved and delightful. At least someone inherited my genetics. Happy Birthday
  • You are my Daughter’s Daughter and I am your Mother’s Mother. That means you will give me DOUBLE the LOVE and I will give you DOUBLE the ADVICE. Happy Birthday
  • You are now 4, how fast you grow my little one, may this day be the continuation of the good things that happen in your life. I love you to the moon and back!
  • You are the beautiful spring of my life and may this 4th birthday fulfill your all desires. Wish you a very happy celebration.
  • You are the reason I know how to send emails, play games and use a cell phone to make calls. WITHOUT YOU I would have been STUCK in the EIGHTIES. Happy 4th Birthday to my tech savvy Granddaughter.
  • You grow, it is a pity that time flies so fast. And on the other hand, I want to know that you have matured and have your destiny. How nice it is to say congratulations to my dearest person – granddaughter.
  • Your mom hasn’t genetically inherited too many of my good personality traits but it seems you have inherited every single one of them. Happy 4th birthday Darling Granddaughter
  • Your parents have done quite a few amazing things in their lives, but from our perspective.
  • The greatest wish of every mother is to see their children become great in life but I do something to make it possible, I pray for you always. Happy 4th Birthday granddaughter.

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