27+ Happy 63rd Birthday Dad Wishes

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Happy 63rd Birthday Dad
Happy 63rd Birthday Dad

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Happy 63rd Birthday Dad Wishes

  • Happy 63rd Birthday, Dad. You’re a part of my everything and I love you more than you’ll ever know. Happy 63rd Birthday!
  • Happy 63rd Birthday, Daddy! You are the greatest dad in the world. I really look up to you, here’s to wishing you many more happy returns of this special day. We love you!
  • Happy 63rd Birthday to a guy who brings a new meaning to 50 shades of grey.
  • Happy 63rd Birthday to my father. The best present you’ve ever given me is your eternal love and sacrifice. I will continue to learn from the lessons you’ve taught me along the way and aim to become a man as great as you! I love you, dad.
  • A person’s life should be a monument to their mentors. In your case, Mount Rushmore is not nearly big enough. Happy 63rd Birthday, Dad!
  • Dad, I’ll be home to help celebrate your special day. Could you move all your stuff out of my old room?
  • Dad, we don’t always agree on everything, but you turned out pretty darn good anyway. Happy 63rd Birthday, Dad!
  • Dad, you taught me the value of hard work, the importance of truth and the honor of duty. I salute you, today and every day.
  • Dad, your grey hair simply makes you looked distinguished, and, unlike Mom, I don’t resent you for that.
  • Daddy, relax and enjoy your day. Don’t worry about taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, painting the fence, tilling the garden, cleaning the garage or walking the dog. That can all wait until tomorrow.
  • Dear Pop, paybacks are hell. Please have mercy now that I’m grown.
  • Even when I was a stinker, you always loved me hook, line and sinker. Happy 63rd Birthday, Dad!
  • Father, I’ll always be grateful for you turning me into the person I am today. Otherwise, I’d have to shoulder all the blame myself. Happy 63rd Birthday to the best dad ever.
  • Go all out on your special day, Pop. Just be careful when you put it all back in.
  • Got milk? No, Dad, that was Mom, but thanks for all the bread. That was great, too.
  • I know it’s your birthday, but please stay out of trouble. Even though you’re another year older, you are still a mischievous man! Never mind, I want in on the hijinks. See you this weekend!
  • I’m proud of every grey hair on your head, Daddy. After all, I helped you earn every one.
  • If you paid me for every grey hair I gave you, I’d be able to retire before you do. Just sayin’…
  • My father always inspires me. His decisions and outlook on life have had a profound effect on who I am today. Happy Happy 63rd Birthday Dad, I love you dearly.
  • Now that some time has passed, I guess I can tell you how your car really got that dent when I was a teenager. You probably won’t remember what I said tomorrow anyway. Just kidding! Have a great birthday!
  • So thankful for my dad’s love and support while growing up and the advice he’s given me throughout my life. Here’s to enjoying family time together with you.
  • The best moments in life are when we’re with our family, doing the things we love. Happy 63rd Birthday, Dad – thanks for always making me be the best I can.
  • The greatest love a father can give his children is the freedom to make their own mistakes. Boy, you must love me a lot.
  • They say that wisdom comes with age, which means you must be the wisest man I know. Just kidding! Well, not really. You’ve got the best advice around.
  • Wear your grey hairs like a badge of honor, Dad. No wait, I mean honor the badges that gave you each one. Thank goodness those days are probably over, eh?
  • You’ve always been my rock. Thank goodness my antics over the years have simply chiseled you into a fine masterpiece.
  • Thanks so much, dad, for your guidance throughout my life so far and for setting an example of how to become the best version of yourself. Happy 63rd Birthday to you, I love you.

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