84+ Happy 12th Birthday Son Wishes

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Happy 12th Birthday Son
Happy 12th Birthday Son

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Happy 12th Birthday Son Wishes

  • Happy 12th Birthday Son! I hope that your 12th birthday will be so special that you will remember every moment of the next moment.
  • Happy 12th Birthday to the most generous and kind guy in the world, I am so proud of your, my son.
  • Happy 12th Birthday to the most important person in my life, thank you so much for being so amazing and adding lots of fun in our life.
  • Happy 12th Birthday to you, my dear son. You are the most amazing kid in this world, thank you so much for adding so much love and goodness in our life, we love you.
  • Happy 12th Birthday to you, my dear son. You are the most wonderful kid I have ever seen in my life.
  • Happy 12th Birthday, Dear Son! You’re not a kid anymore, you’re a sweet guy. I love you so much.
  • 12 years ago, you were just an infant in my arms, now, you are almost a young adult, and I hope I never miss a moment of your growing up. I love you so much my princess.
  • All the good wishes and love for you on your 12th birthday, Happy Birthday to you, dear.
  • Be relaxed and easy and feel who you are. You should be the best friend of yourself. Wish you a very happy 12th birthday.
  • Being your mom is the biggest achievement in my life. From the first day, I know you are going to be someone very special, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear son.
  • Break up stress. Enjoy every moment of your life. I wish you very happy 12th Birthday son.
  • Congratulations 12th anniversary! Now you have to use all the powers in your hands.
  • Congratulations to my twelve year old dear son … can see you through the eyes of the child, but with the heart of the angel.
  • Dear son, thank you so much for adding lots of happiness in my life, Happy 12th Birthday to you.
  • Dear son, you are the one who makes us proud every time, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear. We know you will be someone very special someday.
  • Each of the 12 years so far have been a blessing, I hope to spend a million years with you so I can see you grow healthy, wealthy and hearty my daughter. I love you!
  • Happy birthday is my baby. You may be mature now, but for me you are still a sweet little girl I know.
  • Happy Birthday to You. At the age of 12, you are now very old to ruin your birthday, but you are still young and fall into real trouble, so be very careful!
  • Happy birthday! Now you are 12, you finally get cool enough to socialism with the big people in the city, enjoy your day!
  • Happy Birthday! You’re not a big girl, but you’re a young woman. I love you just because of what you are today and what you become.
  • Happy Twelfth Birthday to the world’s coolest troublemaker, my dear son.
  • Hello birthday, big boy! You are already incredibly glad when you were born. That day, I plan to become more special and happier to you.
  • Hey, happy birthday! Another year and you will be a real teenager.
  • I always pray for your good luck and amazing future, I want you to stay in love and blessings forever. Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear son.
  • I am sending good wishes for the smartest boy in the world, you are the reason for lots of happiness in my life, Happy 12th Birthday to you.
  • I am so proud as your dad, you are the most handsome and smartest boy out there, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear.
  • I can assure you that you will really enjoy your age 12. Because it’s an age where everyone tends to love you. Happy 12th Birthday son. Enjoy your special day in lots of love.
  • I can’t believe it has been 12 years with you, you are still like the little kid to us, we love you a lot, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear son.
  • I can’t explain my feelings in words, how happy I am on this day, I can remember the first day of you in this world, Happy 12th Birthday to you, son.
  • I can’t think a single day without you, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear son.
  • I hope your creativity as a twelve-year-old boy will start taking a new shape, a shape tending towards professionalism. Keep moving forward, boy. Happy B-day!
  • I know you’ll be glad you’re in the final year till you become a teenager, but never allow that to get into you, just live every moment rightly and you’ll never regret.
  • I love you more than anything in this world, I believe that you are the most valuable gift in my life from almighty, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear son.
  • I never encouraged you for your birthday. Congratulations on your birthday!
  • I never thought that I would have a wonderful son like you in my life. I am so blessed and happy to have you in my life. You are the best, Happy 12th Birthday to you.
  • I understand the frustration that a boy faces when he is in between a boy and a little man, but the important thing is to enjoy those stages.
  • I’m happy for your remarkable achievements in life, you’ve added another to your collection by celebrating your 12th birthday daughter, and may you live to see many more years.
  • I’m sure you’re expecting us to embarrass you as it’s your birthday and we are your parents.. and you’d be right! Lots of birthday kisses to our little guy!
  • In the entire year, this is the best day for me, because it’s my son’s birthday. Today, my son is turning 12 and that’s a huge day for the entire family. Gradually, you are being a teenage, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear son.
  • It’s time to keep growing, you are a wonderful and brilliant boy, I know a bright future is waiting for you, Happy 12th Birthday to you, dear.
  • Make good, be happy and have fun, those are the only birthday rules I know of, hearty birthday my love, may 12 be your lucky age!
  • May the angels that have been protecting you so far continue to do so, I am blessed to be part of your 12th birthday, I love you a lot baby, and you are my world!
  • May your 12th birthday make the most unforgettable times for you, may you have fun and may all your wishes come true as you celebrate another beautiful year son!
  • Negative thoughts take you closer to fear but positive thoughts can change your life. I wish you a very happy 12th birthday. May you live a long life laden with happiness and prosperity.
  • Now you are getting too old for greeting cards and toys, it’s time for planning towards your interests. Let’s start with video games. Happy Birthday, Special Gamer!
  • On this special day such as your 12th birthday, living the day to the fullest should be the plan for the day.
  • On your 12th birthday, I am wishing you all the best and sending all the love and good wishes for your future, you are the best kid in this world, we love you, Happy Birthday to you, dear son.
  • Our toddler, you will always be. A piece of our hearts, you will always be. The apple of our eyes, you will always be. Our life’s purpose, you will always be. Happy birthday, sonny.
  • Sending all the good wishes and love for you, I know you will be someone special in your future, never look back, honey, Happy 12th Birthday to you.
  • Sending love and good wishes for the most wonderful kid in the world, I am blessed as your father, I love you so much, Happy 12th Birthday to you.
  • Since it is your birthday, you can definitely do anything that you want, for as long as you act your age… happy 12th birthday to you!
  • The day, you came to our life, it was the best day ever. Today, you are going to turn 12 and it has been a while, Happy 12th Birthday to the most wonderful son in this world.
  • The recording of the paragraph is like the stars, because they are wonderful moments in our lives where you can wish in your eyes. Enjoy that moment, congratulations on the 12th birthday!
  • There are definitely 12 months, one hour in an hour, one dozen eggs, sign signs and roses. The most important … VI!
  • There is no one else more important to me than you my son. You are my everything. Happy birthday
  • There’re many things you get to enjoy on your 12th Birthday, May the joy of the day extends to the remaining days of your life.
  • We are beyond proud of the amazing man you are becoming. Seeing you grow up has been a joy for us, and we are so proud of eve thing you do. Happy 12th birthday son
  • We hope you have a really brilliant day and enjoy all the fun a birthday brings
  • We love you more than we could possibly say here. Happy 12th birthday to our son
  • Welcome to the 12th year club, dear son. I wish you another amazing year ahead, Happy Birthday to you.
  • You are my funny boy; whenever we get together, we spend a cool time. Have fun while turning 12.
  • You are the daughter we always dreamed of, happy birthday
  • You are the joy in my life – happy birthday baby
  • You are the most talented kid out there, Happy 12th Birthday to you.
  • You have twelve perfumes here. Now you are 12, make sure you enjoy every second of that particular age.
  • You may be growing up but you will always be my darling little angel. Happy 12th birthday
  • You turn once only 12 times in your life, so you will have to work most of this day. Happi Birthdai!
  • You’re now a fantastic boy and amazing man as well. Happy 12th Birthday!
  • Your life has been such a great blessing to a lot of people. Indeed, your birthday is a great reason to celebrate. Happy 12th birthday!

Happy 12th Birthday Messages For Son

  • A handsome and wonderful son like you is everyone prayer. Yes, you deserve the very best in life, and this is exactly what God almighty will grant you in his goodness. Happy 12th birthday to you, darling son.
  • As a growing boy, I hope you understand that not all that you need that you will be able to have, and not all that you deserve will come. However, God’s grace will always take care of your providence. Happy 12th birthday to you.
  • Congratulations to 12 years of being an amazing dude!
  • Enjoy a brilliant day and have lots of fun turning 12!
  • Happy birthday to someone who is growing up far too fast! You’re going to be bigger than me soon
  • It feels really great celebrating you this day because I know that you’re on your pathway to a great future. May this day give you the kind of happiness that nothing else can bring. Happy birthday to you, amazing child.
  • My joy knows no bound as we celebrate this day of your birth anniversary. May you grow up in God’s love and favour. Best wishes.
  • No one in the world will not celebrate a great and loving son like you. I know that you are meant to grow higher, and so shall it be by God’s grace. Happy 12th birthday to you, great son.
  • One of life’s greatest things in having the rare blessings to be a part of those who have the responsibility of taking care of a good boy like you. I will always do my best, and may God in his love and mercy always guide and see you through. Happy 12th birthday to you, my dearest son.
  • There’s so much joy within the depth of my heart because it is your 12th birthday. God will always be with you, guiding you through and giving you the best of all you deserve. Best wishes, boy.
  • We still remember you when you were just a little baby and now you’re a strapping young man ready to take on the world. Happy birthday
  • Words are not enough to tell how much I adore you. I know God is the greater decider of all our fates, and today I pray that he continues to see you through. Happy 12th birthday to you, amazing boy.
  • You are an example to everyone and have become a truly impressive young man. Happy birthday
  • You’re a wonderful and loving boy, and I will always do my best to keep you on the right path. As we celebrate your 12th birthday, I pray that you will always find joy and happiness in God. Cheers to your new age, son.
  • Your family and this generation are blessed to have a boy like you, because through you, by God’s grace, shall mighty things emerge. Continue to be an amazing child, boy. Happy 12th birthday to my Son.

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