Top 10 Most Meaningful Birthday Gifts For A One-Year-Old Girl

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How to give a birthday gift to a 1-year-old girl? What birthday gift is both practical and pleasing to the baby? Is this gift appropriate for the child’s age? I would like to introduce to you the 15 most meaningful birthday gifts for a 1-year-old girl in 2021. Follow this post of 90 LoveHome (!

1. Top 10 birthday gifts for 1 year old girls should buy the most

Baby bedding set

Sleep plays a very important role in the development of children. In addition, in the first year of life, many babies sleep in separate beds with their parents. Therefore, a set of personalized blanket for granddaughter or personalized blanket for daughter and pillows for babies is a very suitable gift. Now we have Personalized Blanket For Granddaughter at our shop, we can edit text and photo on blanket by your own message and photo! It’s so great for a birthday gift.

Personalized Blanket For Granddaughter
Personalized Blanket For Granddaughter
Personalized Blanket Gift For Daughter
Personalized Blanket Gift For Daughter

To ensure that your baby has a good night’s sleep, you should choose a soft blanket material, the size of the blanket is appropriate for the age of the child. In addition, the pillow should choose a type with an anti-flat head design, made from young rubber, bucket material and bamboo fiber will be most suitable.

Baby walker

Three months to know how to crawl, seven months to crawl, nine months to know how to walk. At this stage, many babies are already walking quite well, but there are still many toddlers, so a baby walker is always a very useful and meaningful birthday gift. This is one of the most chosen gifts for children’s birthdays. These walkers are designed to be used by babies 6 months and older.

With bright and soothing colors combined with the sound or design of the dining table will be extremely convenient.

Baby walker
Baby walker

You can rest assured that the soft lining behind the car is very smooth and provides maximum support for the back muscles, neck muscles and nape of the baby’s neck in the safest and most convenient way without causing discomfort when the baby goes. However, to ensure that you do not encounter bad situations such as your baby tipping over, falling, hurting his spine and getting hurt every time he or she sits in the car and learns to walk, you should choose a high-quality vehicle with a sturdy and durable design. safe. The chassis must be made of good, stainless and sturdy steel with different levels of adjustment.

A smart design in this car is that you can easily adjust the height of the car as you like to suit the baby’s height. Letting children sit in the car and learn to walk will have the most comfortable feeling. Parts made of plastic or cloth also need to be safe and do not contain substances that are harmful to the health of children.

Covered trolley

Strollers are essential items for both mother and baby. When mom and everyone in the family want to let the baby go out, go shopping, go for a walk, it will be very convenient and leisurely when using the stroller. So if you don’t know what to buy as a birthday gift for a 1-year-old girl , a stroller is a great suggestion.

Covered trolley
Covered trolley

Currently, there are many designs of strollers to suit the needs of each family. There are single strollers, double strollers, built-in strollers or one-way, two-way strollers, or can be used in a variety of positions. For babies from one year old, all types of strollers are suitable. However, to use it for many different purposes, you should choose a stroller with 3 positions lying, sitting and leaning so that your baby can move freely. The design with a canopy is essential for the baby to avoid rain and sun and protect health in the best way.

Clothes for girls

Clothes and dresses are always the number one choice when buying birthday gifts for girls. Clothes for girls are really very diverse in designs, colors and designs, especially very pretty and lovely. You can easily choose the right clothes and dresses as a birthday gift for a 1-year-old girl at any clothing store.

Clothes for girls
Clothes for girls

One important thing you need to remember when buying clothes is to remember your baby’s weight to choose the right size. And buy clothes that are appropriate for the weather. In hot weather, choose cotton and bamboo fibers that are easy to absorb sweat. In winter, you should choose warm materials such as wool, cotton, etc. In addition, you should buy it at reputable stores and famous brands in the market to ensure the safety of children’s health.

Baby Shark stuffed animal

“Baby Shark doo doo doo” must be very popular with children, because most children love the funny melody and the cuteness of the sharks in the song whenever their parents show it to them. It can be said that this is the most searched and heard global song of all time. Babies may not be able to sing yet, but they are familiar with the rhythms of sounds and images in Baby Shark.

Baby Shark stuffed animal
Baby Shark stuffed animal

An interesting point is that it is not only a stuffed fat fox, but it also has a built-in sound system with 4 different versions of the Baby Shark song. When children use force on the baby shark’s flare, immediately the funny, ear-catching sounds will be emitted, making the baby extremely excited. Trust me this will be the best 1 year old girl birthday present she gets at that party.

Kitchen play set

This is a very useful learning and playing toy. Your baby will learn the names of objects, colors and even English with just one toy. One of the most meaningful gifts to help children shape their imagination and train the reflexes of their auditory and visual senses.

Kitchen play set
Kitchen play set

Your baby will be free to explore so that mom can free her hands for hours to do other tasks without being disturbed by her baby. Moreover, it will help the baby have a love of cooking from an early age and can help the mother when she is an adult without having to push.

Toy Piano

A piano with keys made of soft fabric will make sounds when your baby touches it is very interesting. This is a toy that helps stimulate the baby’s senses and imagination very effectively.

The product is made of high-quality materials, so you can rest assured when letting your baby play. Really, this is a very meaningful and practical gift for a 1-year-old girl’s birthday gift.

Walking shoes/sandals

A lovely pair of shoes or slippers for your baby on her birthday is a gift that every child needs.

You should choose sandals with a simple back strap design to make it easier for your baby to walk and not easily slip during the learning phase. Please choose a product that is the right size for your baby’s feet. You can measure from the tip of the middle toe to the heel of the baby to know how long the baby’s foot is suitable for the shoe size.

Weaning chair

Highchairs not only help babies have interesting meals but also practice disciplined eating habits from an early age to avoid disturbances during each meal. Moreover, when you let your baby use the high chair to sit at the dining table with the family, it will stimulate the baby’s appetite and appetite.

It can be said that this is a very suitable choice as a birthday gift for a 1-year-old girl. You should choose the product that is suitable for the needs of your baby and the area where it is used. Please refer to the Top best baby booster seats in this article! I have reviewed each product in detail so that everyone has the most objective evaluation!

Baby pillow

Lovely pillows will help your baby feel secure and easier to fall asleep. A suggestion when you are stuck and do not know what to buy for your baby.

With pillows, you should choose bright colors and cute designs. Especially the material must be safe and soft with baby’s skin.

2. The most meaningful and lucky 1 year old girl birthday wishes

In addition to birthday gifts for babies, 1 year old birthday wishes are really meaningful when sent at the right time and at the right time.

  • Congratulations to your beloved daughter on turning 1 year old. Wish you always beautiful and have long legs, so that your mother can be proud wherever she goes. And most importantly, wish you always be happy, healthy and happy.
  • You have brought me a lot of joy and happiness. My parents’ little daughter (son), wish you a happy birthday and a very warm birthday!
  • Happy birthday dear daughter, I hope you will always be more confident, strong and mature to face challenges in the future. Parents love you!
  • Happy birthday Pigeon-eyed brown squirrel! Wish your daughter to become a beautiful, obedient and always happy girl. Love send you 1000 kisses!
  • A wonderful girl and a wonderful life. Happy birthday to your baby daddy. You are the only one, in my heart, you know!
  • Congratulations dear daughter. Mothers love you with the immense love of mothers on this earth, hope you grow up quickly, be healthy, beautiful and always please your parents!
  • Happy new year dear children: Happy, healthy and successful! Happy birthday dear daughter, I hope you will always be more confident, strong and mature to face challenges in the future. Parents love you!
  • To my beloved daughter, on your birthday, I hope all your wishes will come true. We want you to know that we love you and wish you many more birthdays.
  • Dear daughter, you have done everything to make this life sweeter than any sweets in the world. Happy birthday to parents’ little angel!
  • Parents are not only grateful that you are their daughter. I am also grateful for the love, friendship, kindness and support that you give me. Parents certainly do the same with their children. Happy birthday to you, dear daughter!
  • In your parents’ hearts, you will always be a little girl, a beautiful princess of your parents. In the eyes of my parents, I am an emotional and caring woman who really inspires me and many people around me. We love you and wish you a wonderful birthday.
  • Happy birthday to your precious little angel! Wish you every day more wonderful and lovely. And for that, you amaze us, dear girl!
  • Happy Birthday! Wishing you a happy new year, good health, happiness and achieving all your good dreams!
  • Wishing you a new year full of joy, good health, good health and happiness! Happy birthday baby … turning … years old, wish the baby eat well, grow up quickly, be healthy and smart, wish the baby to obey his grandparents, parents, teachers and have to know how to yield to the baby!
  • Congratulations on your 1 year old daughter. Wish you always beautiful and have long legs, so that your mother can be proud wherever she goes. And most importantly, wish you always be happy, healthy and happy.
  • Happy birthday darling! Wishing you a happy and healthy new year! You have brought my parents a lot of joy and happiness. My little daughter, wish you a happy birthday and have a very warm birthday!
  • Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart. Because that’s where all wishes begin. I wish you happiness on your birthday. A wonderful day that can’t be forgotten, isn’t it? I love you
  • On your birthday, many people will think of you. But I just want you to know that no one can love you more than me, family is one. Happy birthday, mom and dad’s little star!
  • You can eat cake as much as you like today. You can do all you want and make noise all over the house. Mom won’t warn you. Wish your baby will have a party with many delicious dishes. Love you and love you.
  • Shine like the stars and I believe you will reach for the blue sky. Let your dreams fly high. Wishing you the very best on your birthday.

Here are the most popular birthday gift ideas for 1 year old girls. According to this post, 90 LoveHome ( Hope the sharing in the article will help you get the most suitable gift for your baby.