Happy 57th Birthday Dad Quotes & Wishes

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Are you looking for great Happy 57th Birthday Dad Quotes And Wishes90 LoveHome have collected many wonderful wishes for Father’s Birthday, you can see at our post!

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Happy 57th Birthday Dad
Happy 57th Birthday Dad

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Happy 57th Birthday Dad

  • Happy 57th Birthday Dad! You’re one cool pooch, Dad. No one can match you for style. Now go out and have a blast!
  • Happy 57th Birthday Dad! Hooray, it’s your birthday today! Wishing you a day that is as spectacular as you are!
  • Happy 57th Birthday Dad. Today is your day to have fun and open lots of presents that were bought just for you! I hope this coming year is all that you are hoping for. You deserve the best, dad!
  • Happy 57th Birthday Dad. To My Dear Father! The party decorations are out and the glasses are full, this can only mean one thing, that it’s time to celebrate you! Have a wonderful birthday, Dad.
  • Happy 57th Birthday Dad. To my dad that I love so dear, I send birthday wishes of joy and cheer. May this birthday bring you all that you hope for, and that the year ahead brings you so much more!
  • To My Fantastic Father! Thank you for being such a great dad, year after year! Wishing you an exceptional birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  • Happy 57th Birthday Dad. To my spectacular father! Sending you a happy birthday message of love and cheer, and wishing you all the best in the coming year. So it’s time to start the celebration without delay because today, my dear dad, is your special day.
  • It’s your day to celebrate, Dad. So make a wish, blow out the candles & enjoy every moment. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday. Family roads trips were the bane of my childhood existence, but now they’re my fondest memories. Thanks, Dad, for bringing the family together. May your birthday be another family rallying point for good times. I promise to be less annoying.
  • The cool ocean breeze. The warm sun above. A picture perfect day just for you, Dad. Happy Birthday!
  • To my dear father! Sending you a special birthday cake and golden balloons to make your celebration complete!
  • Happy Birthday! Set sail for lots of happiness in the year ahead, Dad. It all starts with this one special celebration in your honor.
  • Happy Birthday. To my father, the man I love so very much. I wish only the best for you on this special day. Have a great celebration!
  • Happy Birthday. It’s time to gather with family and friends to celebrate your special day, dear father! Hope you have the best time ever!
  • Happy Birthday. To my father and my hero! Thank you for watching out for me all these years. Hope you have a super day!
  • Happy Birthday. To my father who is celebrating his birthday today, I send wishes of joy your way! Have some fun and relaxation too, for today is your special day, it’s all about you!
  • Happy Birthday. Hey Dad, today is your day to have a beer, relax and have some fun. You deserve it! Hope you have a really special birthday!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s your birthday, dear dad! So get ready to celebrate, have some birthday cake, gifts, and enjoy the balloons! Hope your birthday is the best day of the year!
  • Happy Birthday To You Dad! Hope your day is filled with celebration balloons, a special birthday cake, and lots of birthday cheer! This is your day to shine!
  • Happy Birthday. You are the best father in the world. You’ve dried my tears and combed my hair, saw me off to school and threatened a lot of dates. But you’ve always loved me. And I love you so much in return. Happy Birthday, Dad.
  • Happy Birthday! Wishing you, my wonderful dad, a bright and happy day and another year of success!
  • Have a GREAT Birthday! Happy Birthday to You Dad! Thanks for being my source of inspiration, fun, and great memories. I couldn’t have asked for a better father than you. Hoping your birthday is as special as you are!
  • Dear Dad, Today is the perfect opportunity to let you know how much your love & support mean to me. I look up to you in so many ways. I hope the year has many wonderful things in store for you.
  • Happy Birthday. To My Fun Father! I can truly say that I have the best father in the world! Thank you for all the fun times and laughter. Hope your birthday is all that you are hoping for!
  • Happy Birthday. To my cool father, hope your celebration is super fun!
  • Happy Birthday, Dad! When the going gets tough, the tough get comedic! You always have the worst jokes though, so please leave those to Mom today.
  • Happy Birthday To An Amazing Dad. You’ve always been an important person in my life. And since today is your birthday, it is one of the most important days of the year. Celebrate well, Dad!
  • Happy Birthday, Dad! Wish for anything you want! Except a pony. You never gave me a pony, so I’m got giving you one. But every other wish is fair game! Woo! Go blow out some candles.
  • Happy Birthday To My Special Father! You have always been someone that I look up to, admire, trust, and love with all my heart. I hope you have the best birthday, Dad!
  • Happy Birthday. To My Awesome Father! You are without a doubt, the best father ever, and with each year that passes, I love you more and more. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • To My Loving Father! As each year passes, I come to realize just how lucky I am to have a wonderful father like you. You will always hold a special place in my heart, dad. Hope your birthday is a good one!
  • To My Terrific Dad! Today is an important day, it’s the day you were born! So grab your party hat and celebrate all day long!
  • Happy Birthday. Thank you for all the big and little things you have done for me over the years, Dad. I don’t know what I would have done without you! Wishing you a fantastic birthday!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s your birthday, dad! With each year that goes by you become a year wiser. Thank you all the years of advice you have given me, I don’t know what I would have done without you! Have an extra spectacular birthday!
  • To My Loving Father! As each year passes, I come to realize just how lucky I am to have a wonderful father like you. You will always hold a special place in my heart, dad. Hope your birthday is a good one!
  • Happy Birthday. Hey Dad, another year has gone by and I love you even more. Wishing you a special birthday filled with great desserts and lots of fun.
  • Happy Birthday- Sending birthday wishes on its way to wish my father a happy day. I hope this coming year brings you all that you have been hoping for!
  • Your strength & love are what I admire about you most, Dad. Wishing you happiness today & always.
  • Happy Birthday To My Dear Father! Hoping you have the most exciting and spectacular birthday ever, along with a terrific year of success and fun!
  • Happy Birthday. To the best father in the world! Thank you for being such a thoughtful, caring, loving dad. I hope your birthday celebration is as terrific as you are.
  • Happy Birthday. On this very day, I send happiness and cheer to my father that I love so dear! Wishing you a wonderful celebration and hope for a fantastic year ahead!
  • Happy Birthday Dad. Birthdays are a wonderful excuse to send to you, my dear father, a birthday card to simply say I love you and I wish you a very happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Dear Dad. Wishing You a day filled with all the fun and joy that a wonderful father like you deserves! Thank you for your love and guidance over the years, dad. It always means so much to me.
  • Happy Birthday To My Awesome Dad! Sending special birthday wishes your way for you to have a delightful day!
  • Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with cake, friends, and joyful times! You’re amazing, Dad. I hope your birthday is amazing too.
  • Happy Birthday. To my awesome father that I love dearly, you have spent so much time taking care of others throughout your life. Today, on your birthday, dad, make sure to take this day to do the things that make you happy and bring you joy!
  • Happy Birthday. To My Wonderful Father! Another birthday, another year of memories! Thank you for all the great times, Dad. I hope you have a fantastic day filled with all the things you love in life!
  • Happy Birthday. To my father, the man I admire, love, trust, and look up to. I hope your special day is as wonderful as you are. I love you, dad.
  • Happy Birthday! It’s time to celebrate you, Dad! For the awesome person you are, for all that you do, and for the many ways you’ve shaped who I am today.
  • Happy Birthday. To My Terrific Father! Words can’t express how much I love you and how thankful I am to have you as my father. You will always be #1 in my eyes. Have an exceptional birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Dad! I am so excited to celebrate all the amazing things about you. Having you in my life is the greatest gift of all.
  • Happy Birthday Dad. May the day surprise you at every corner and be full of joy and wonder. I want you to have a wonderful birthday.
  • Happy Birthday. To My Cool Dad! If I searched the world all the way through, I would never find a better father than you! Wishing you an unforgettable birthday!
  • Happy Birthday. To my Fantastic Father! I’m so lucky to have such a caring and loving father like you. Thank you for all the special times, and all the great memories too. Enjoy your birthday, Dad.
  • Happy Birthday Dad. May your celebration be as bright as your spirits and the year ahead bring you as much happiness as you bring to me.
  • Happy Birthday. To an inspirational man of many accomplishments, my father, my friend. I have always looked up to you, and for good reason! Wishing you a special birthday and an unforgettable year!
  • Happy Birthday To My Dad. Another year, another journey. Take it all in & make sure to capture all the special moments.
  • Today was meant for lots of fun & surprises, dad. I hope this year is your best one yet. Happy Birthday!

Funny Happy 57th Birthday Wishes for Dad

  • On this your birthday, be sure and sneeze often because you can use all of the “bless you” wishes you can get!
  • Age is just a number. In your case, it’s a really big number. Happy Birthday, old guy!
  • I wanted to buy the most extravagant birthday present in the world for you but your wallet only had five bucks in it. Oh well. Have a fantastic birthday anyway.
  • When I was a kid, you said that I should act my age. So why in the world do you keep acting so young? I love you! Have a super birthday!
  • For your birthday, do something that will make you say, “What was I thinking?”
  • I wanted to get you a funny card, but I couldn’t find one that was just right. Instead, I decided to write one myself. “Roses are red. Violets are blue. Laugh even though this isn’t funny, can you?” Happy birthday!
  • Dad, just like you, I want your birthday party to be awesome. Too bad there won’t be room for guests since your candles will take up all of the space! All in good fun, happy birthday!
  • All of my characteristics of awesomeness and genius clearly came from you, Dad, including my ability to be humble. Hope you have a great birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the funniest pajama-wearing old man in the neighborhood. So glad you finally decided to start wearing a robe when you go out to get the mail!
  • Congratulations, Dad! Today you become the oldest you ever been in your entire life.
  • Happy birthday to our amazing Dad! May today bring you peace, happiness, and a lawn that mows itself!
  • I’m so grateful for the day of birth. Mostly because I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that day. Happy Birthday, Father.
  • Happy Birthday, Dad. If it makes you feel better, you’re not old, you’re just well-seasoned and experienced.
  • Here’s to you, Dad! Birthdays can have various meanings to different people, but to you they mean your cake is one year closer to setting off the fire alarm. Happy birthday, old man!
  • Happy birthday to my wanna-be comedian Dad! Here’s hoping you finally find someone who will laugh at your jokes this year.
  • When you said my kids are just like I used to be, you were so right. Let me take the occasion of your birthday to say I’m awfully sorry about that. Thank you for putting up with them and me!
  • Hey Dad, remember all of those times I listened to your sage advice and acted responsibility? I don’t either. Thanks for trying, though. Have a great birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to you, Dad. Thanks for passing on the good looks to me!
  • How it feel to be a year older and watch your six pack of abs turn into a six pack of bear?

57th Birthday Prayers For my Father

  • Dad, you are my biggest role model in this world. Today being your birthday, I pray that you are blessed with all the desires of your heart. May you always carry a smile on your face and be healthy and strong. Have an amazing birthday, dad.
  • Sending birthday blessings to you, dad. May God’s blessings keep your heart and soul happy all the days of your life. Have a memorable birthday. Love you.
  • Dad, may this occasion of your birthday celebration bring prosperity, peace and happiness in your life. Have an amazing birthday.

Heartfelt 57th Birthday Messages for Dad

  • Dad, we may not always agree on everything but we do agree on one thing. We have the best family in the world. Love you and I hope you have a great birthday.
  • You’ll never know how much the little things you do impact me in the biggest ways. I love you, Dad. Hope you have a great birthday!
  • You’ve been a teletubby, a dinosaur, a lion and a pirate . You’ve played Elmo, the Easter bunny, a ghost and of course Santa. But today you are playing the best dad of all time, and for that you don’t need a costume. Happy Birthday, Dad.
  • With your example to follow, how could I ever have gone wrong? I love you, Dad. Have a great birthday.
  • Life just wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for your presence, guidance, and dedication to fatherhood. My best wishes!
  • If there was an award for the best dad in world, there probably would be something like a billion candidates, but you would get my vote. Happy Birthday, #1 Dad!
  • In a world that heaps so much praise on mothers, I want to take the time to tell my Dad how important he is to me. Hope you have the best birthday ever!
  • Just when I think you have run out of life lessons, you surprise me. Thanks for everything!
  • You know my favorite color, my favorite movie, my favorite pop star and my favorite chocolate. What you might not know well is my favorite person in the whole wide world is you. Happy Birthday, Dad!
  • You’ve always been there for me and I want you to know that I will always be there for you. Wishing you the happiest of all birthdays.
  • Most everyone has a father but they don’t have one as great as you are. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me! Have fun celebrating your birthday!
  • I feel like the luckiest person in the world because I was blessed with you as my father. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Long 57th Birthday Wishes for your Dad

  • I will never stop praying for your well-being. I will never stop hoping for your happiness. You deserve all the love and happiness in the world. Have a wonderful birthday, Dad.
  • Dear Dad, thank you for all that you do and all that you have done. No matter the mistakes I’ve made, you always been there to catch me when I fall and build me back up again. Love you forever and always, happy birthday.
  • On this most blessed of days, we praise God for the gift of you, dear Dad. In our youth, you taught us the importance of honesty, trustworthiness, and kindness. And in adulthood, you taught us the importance of seeing and passing on these traits to others. It is because of you this world is a better place. Happy birthday, big guy!
  • Dear Dad, today I wish you the best of birthdays. You are a great father, solid neighborhood leader, and deeply faithful man. Everyone who knows you feels blessed to have you in their lives and as my role model, you have inspired me to grow up wanting to be nothing else than the great man you became.
  • Thanks for being a great example of a family man. Now I can follow in your foot steps as I start my own family. You words of wisdom did not fall on deaf ears. My footsteps will forever be guided by your words. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Father, I greatly respect you. Not only because I’m your son, but also because you are a man of honesty, integrity, and great charity. You are everything that I aspire to be. If I am half the man you are, I would be grateful. I am wishing you a very happy birthday.
  • I may not always take the opportunities to tell you this. I love you with all of my heart. You have led me in such a positive direction in life and there is no one I would rather have as my role model than you. I am truly blessed to call you Dad.

Short 57th Birthday Wishes for your Dad

  • You are my superdad. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to a man who still remembers what it’s like to light his candles by rubbing two sticks together!
  • Sending you lots of love on your birthday, Dad.
  • May the sun shine down brightly on you and lead your path on this your birthday.
  • Once upon a time, God blessed me with an amazing man to call “Dad,” to whom I wish the happiest of birthdays today.
  • Wishing you a new year of chances and opportunities for love and fun!
  • Thanks be to God for you and let us wish you, “happy birthday!”
  • Happy birthday to my dad, the coolest guy in town!
  • Happiest of birthdays to the only step-father I have ever wanted or needed.
  • Happy birthday to the one I not only call “dad,” but also “friend” and “mentor!”
  • We wish you one amazing, rocking day, Dad!
  • Once a year I get the chance to shout, “Happy birthday to my very special dad!”
  • Forgive me for not telling you this more often, but know that I love you on this your birthday and always.
  • To the man responsible for so many of the most precious moments of my life. Happy Birthday, Dad.
  • The formula to a happy childhood: a cute dog, nice neighborhood, fun friends and my dad’s bedtime stories. Happy Birthday, Dad.
  • Relax and enjoy your birthday!
  • Every yeah I get you something you hardly ever use, well this year all I’m giving you is this message. Try returning that! Happy Birthday Dad!
  • It’s your birthday, Dad. Do what you want to do.
  • If all fathers were like you, the world would be rid of daddy issues, fortunately for all psychiatrists you are a rare breed. Happy Birthday, Dad.
  • The Stork dropped you lemons and you made lemonade! Thank you so much and Happy Birthday, Dad!
  • To a farther worthy of a knighthood, from his princess soon to be a queen, Happy Birthday, Daddy!
  • Happy birthday to my father, the most reliable, honest, and loving man I have ever known!
  • It’s your birthday! Dance like nobody’s watching.
  • Thanks for all you do, Dad, and happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday, dear Dad, for whom I give thanks to God each day!
  • Happy Birthday, Dad! From the proudest apple that could ever fall from such an amazing Tree.
  • Have a fantastic birthday, Dad.
  • Wishing you a day full of presents and fulfilled wishes on your birthday.
  • Happiest of birthdays today and always, dear Dad!
  • Happy birthday to you from the luckiest daughter in the world.
  • You’re never too old to have fun on your birthday. Enjoy!
  • Another year older, another year more admired!
  • Chase your dreams! Have a blessed birthday.
  • Three cheers to the man who gave me life and purpose!
  • It’s never too late to make amends, today is the perfect time to start. Happy Birthday, Dad.
  • Happy birthday to the funniest, craziest dad for which a girl could ask!

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