Happy 49th Birthday Dad Quotes & Wishes

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Are you looking for great Happy 49th Birthday Dad Quotes And Wishes90 LoveHome have collected many wonderful wishes for Father’s Birthday, you can see at our post!

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Happy 49th birthday Dad
Happy 49th birthday Dad

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Happy 49th Birthday Dad Wishes

  • Happy 49th Birthday to my dad. Thank you for being the best Dad and for all that you do every day! I love you.
  • I bet it will be a fun and exciting day for you, I wish you a happy 49th birthday, darling.
  • There is no day when I do not thank the heavens that send you, you have a good and pleasant day.
  • Happy birthday, Dad. I love you so much, and hope you have the happiest of birthdays! Here’s to celebrating more special moments in life!
  • Happy 49th, dad! Thanks for being my biggest fan and for not only always making time for me, but also teaching me what it takes to love and celebrate life’s little moments. Love you loads.
  • I am very grateful for all that you have done for me in this life, enjoy it today.
  • May this day be filled with overflowing happiness so that you too can have a very happy life.
  • You deserve a little luck after all you have left, so rejoice as it is today.
  • Yesterday, you were just a child and now you are all great. You like to enjoy the time of your life.
  • You really are a person who inspires others, can not be more proud, happy birthday.
  • The time really passes when you have fun, I hope you are happy and that you will enjoy.
  • Today is my dad’s 49th birthday, I am so grateful for you, Dad. You will always be my backbone and inspiration in life. I wish you the very best.
  • Happy 49th birthday, keep laughing and always remember that I will always be there.
  • When he comes tomorrow, know that I am with you no matter what happened, a happy day for you!
  • I can only hope to enjoy life and stay happy.
  • Indeed, you must see how much you count for all of us, enjoy and spend a happy day.
  • All the gifts you will receive right now, Happy 49th Anniversary!
  • Happy birthday to my awesome father who raised me so well and It’s been such an incredible ride. I love you and you are amazing.
  • Happy 49th birthday to my best friend, my dad, and my hero. I love you so much, dad.
  • You are part of something bigger than you, the family, the people with whom you can run, happy birthday!
  • Every day you become more and more fantastic, I hope you enjoy it today.
  • They love people who are close to you and your family and they will also be by your side.
  • Happy 49th birthday Dad! You are the most amazing, loving and hilarious dad who shows me how much he cares about me day in and day out. I am so proud of you for all you have done for me – for your sacrifice and hard work, Love you so much, pop.
  • Do not worry too much for tomorrow, focus on the day, okay, darling?
  • The experience is a good teacher and I bet you have learned from a very happy 49th birthday!
  • To have a brother like you, you win every chance, I’m happy to have you, enjoy today!
  • Your special day is a celebration to celebrate, enjoy life and a happy birthday, my sister.

Short 49th Birthday Quotes for your Dad

  • Your love means the world to me. Enjoy your day!
  • Have a smashing birthday, Dad. You rock!
  • So glad to share this day with you. Have a blessed birthday!
  • Of all the great fathers I’ve heard of, you’re definitely the greatest!
  • Have an awesome and unforgettable birthday, Dad.
  • Have fun on your special day, Dad.
  • Have a wonderful birthday, Dad. You’ve been voted Best Dad in the World!

Long 49th Birthday Quotes for your Dad

  • You are an amazing dad, a wonderful father, and a loving caregiver. We’ll be by your side in good times and hard times alike. You lead by example and you give great advice. You deserve all the happiness in the world. I am wishing you a happy birthday and a fun-filled day.
  • You are the model father, the perfect husband, and an outstanding man of integrity. I have learned so much from you. I am better prepared for life. Most importantly, you have taught me how to be a role model for my kids, the perfect husband, and an outstanding man of integrity just like you. Happy Birthday from your son.
  • From a daughter’s heart to her father’s heart, I truly want to wish you a wonderful birthday. You have brought me so many gifts and taught me many lessons. I am proud to be your daughter. I am convinced that I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it weren’t for your guidance.

Funny 49th Birthday Wishes for your Dad

  • Happy Birthday to the greatest dad. You may be getting old but you’re still the coolest dad.
  • Happy Birthday to the man that gave me half my genes. Thanks for making the inspired person I am today, Dad!
  • Dad, your sense of humor has always been admired by many. So you’ll know doubt find the humor in the fact that I forgot to get you a gift for your birthday.
  • Dad, when life gets you down, look on the bright side. At least you have wonderful children.
  • I’m grateful for a dad like you who keeps his arms and wallet open to his loving daughter. Have a great birthday.
  • Happy birthday, dad. I simply can’t believe that it has been only 30 years since you were 18! May you look this young forever.
  • Happy happy birthday to the greatest dad, farter, I mean father, and best friend. I love you, dad.
  • My warmest wishes, father. Thanks for passing on the wonderful good looks to your favorite child.
  • Congratulations on becoming a year older and a bit wrinklier. Have a fantastic birthday, old guy!
  • Hi daddy, just wanted to say thank you for marrying my mother- she really is great. Have the bestest of birthdays!
  • Just FYI, my gift to you would be the hell lot of candles I had to buy to match your age. Apart from that, wish you a very happy and prosperous birthday, daddy.
  • Dear dad, I’m still waiting for all that wonderful, real-world advice you gave me to kick in.
  • Dad, for your birthday, I want to quote what you have told me on my various birthdays. “Just because it’s your birthday doesn’t mean you get to have it your way.”
  • I appreciate all the tough love you’ve given me over the years, Dad. I’m still recovering from the trauma.
  • Happy birthday, dad. I know I say this enough, but I really appreciate all your patience you’ve had with me. It makes me feel so much better about my future kids.
  • Growing up with you as a dad as taught me a lot…like playing dead to get out of doing dishes.
  • I wish you keep smiling and showing your teeth like this forever (or as long as you actually have teeth). Wishing you a very happy birthday, dad.
  • Today, have a blast, dad. You’ve aged as gracefully as a clutz trying to do ballet.
  • You know, Dad. The pot belly and the bold head has really grown on you. Happy Birthday, daddy!

Sentimental 49th Birthday Wishes for your Dad

  • This is the best day ever simply because it’s your birthday. I love you so much. My best wishes, Dad.
  • When the sun sets every night, I pray that you are somewhere knowing how much you are loved and needed. Always thinking of you. Many happy returns, Dad.
  • You are my super dad, and the best father in the world. All others pale in comparison.
  • On this special day, I want you to know how much I truly love you, dad. With you, I am never afraid. I feel safe, loved, and at home.
  • Dear Dad, now I know why Mom never stops smiling. It’s because she gets to share her life with a wonderful man like you. I share in that same joy.
  • The voice of my father never fails at the promise of bringing wisdom. Love always, happy birthday.
  • The warmth of a father’s love is enough to heal an icy heart. Thank you, Dad.
  • Dad, you possess a true, natural gift of making everyone smile and forget about their worries. No one does it like you.

Inspirational Messages for your 49th Birthday Dad

  • Remember to stay positive and happiness shall always reside in your heart.
  • Thank you for being the leader that this family always needed. Watching you perform lets me know that I am also capable of greatness.
  • I have friends who wish nothing more from the world than to have a father like you.
  • Every positive quality I have developed has come from imitating those which you naturally possess.
  • Dad, on this glorious day of your life, I humbly entreat you to never compare yourself to anybody because I consider you the most important person on the face of the earth.
  • I know how difficult it was to be a caring, ever-present father. And for that dedicated love, you will always have my gratitude.
  • Just as every accomplishment you ever achieved benefited me, every success I attain is likewise dedicated to you.
  • You have not only raised me but indeed the performance level of this entire family.
  • Happy birthday, Dad. I hope you celebrate this great day with the knowledge that the best way to live a thoroughly happy life is to appreciate the small things the universe has blessed you with.
  • Just as the abacus is the predecessor to the calculator, I can also trace my greatness back to you.
  • As long as I have you as a dad I have a reminder to never let the adversities of life best me.
  • You are not only an inspiration to me, but also others earnestly searching for a real man to look up to. This is why in my eyes, you’ll forever be my greatest hero.

Happy 49th Birthday Poems for your Dad

  • Some gloat over gems
    Others boast of armadas, armies, and trophies
    But I’m proud of a modest dad
    Who, being neither ostentatious nor wealthy, gives freely with a big heart
    Even when it comes at a loss to him
    Such a father is nothing short of a priceless work of art
    Happy birthday to you, dad
  • I’m son/daughter to a great and wise man
    Who considers good dreams and wisdom as things to be grasped
    And provides many opportunities for doing so
    I’m where I am because of his guidance, vision, and encouragement
    I’m thankful and humble to call him my father
    Happy birthday

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