43+ Happy 41st Birthday Mom Wishes

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Happy 41st Birthday Mom
Happy 41st Birthday Mom

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Happy 41st Birthday Mom Wishes

  • Happy 41st Birthday Mom! Guess raising me didn’t send you to an early grave after all.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to the best Mom I’ve ever had.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to a lady to who has spooky knowledge of how I think. You probably knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?
  • Happy 41st Birthday to a lady who picked up after me as a kid, but more importantly, never failed to pick me up when I was down. I love you, Mom.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to a lady who would never hesitate to share her last piece of birthday cake. I love you, Mom.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to a lady who’s hard to buy for, but easy to love.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to a Mom who is perfect in every way. Well, except for the cooking. That’s not so great.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to a very special Mom. I think I love you more and more each year, as I look back with newfound appreciation on everything you did for me as a kid and as an adult.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to my dear Mom! May we continue to drive each other crazy for years to come.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to one fierce Mama Bear. Growing up would have been un-bear-able without you.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to the best looking Mom in town. Thanks for everything you’ve given me over the years, especially those awesome genes.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to the lady who put up a strong front, while always having my back.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to the woman who gave me life, then taught me how to live it.
  • Happy 41st Birthday to the woman who never failed to act impressed by every crappy gift I ever made for her. Hope this birthday wish makes your day a little brighter, Mom.
  • “World’s Best Mom” is an understatement. You’re the best Mom in the solar system, at minimum. May your birthday be truly out of this world.
  • As a Mom, you really take the cake. Blowing out those candles on the cake just takes a little more effort. Hope you have a Very Happy 41st Birthday, Mom!
  • Have a fabulous birthday, Mom. And don’t even think about dying anytime soon. I won’t be done with you for quite some time.
  • Hope the best Mom ever has the best birthday ever.
  • Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Mom. Even though I don’t get to see you much, I hear your voice in my head all the time, telling me what I should do. I’ve been meaning to see someone about that…
  • Hope you have an amazing birthday, Mom. If anyone deserves to have a day all to herself, it’s you.
  • Hope your birthday is full of wining and dining. As opposed to the whining and dining you had to put up with when I was a kid.
  • I can’t decide whether you’re a better Mom or Grandma. Let’s just say you’re awesome at everything you do. Hope you have a birthday that’s every bit as awesome as you.
  • I could never express everything you mean to me, or thank you for everything you’ve done for me. So I’m just going to say Happy 41st Birthday and give you a big birthday hug the next time I see you.
  • I hope you get everything you want for your birthday, Mom. Most of all, I hope you take some time to treat yourself. You’ve earned it after years of tending to others.
  • I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and I know that hearing from your favorite kid is a step in the right direction.
  • I know all you’ve ever wanted for your birthday was to hear “I love you” from your kids, which is a good thing because I’m broke as usual. I love you, Mom – and Happy 41st Birthday!
  • I remembered your birthday! Aren’t you proud? Now keep that in mind while I tell you about your gift…
  • I still need my Mom, I still appreciate my Mom, and I will always love my Mom. Today is the perfect time to let her know it. Happy 41st Birthday, Mom.
  • I’m glad that you came into this world, and just plain lucky that you’re my Mom. Happy 41st Birthday!
  • I’m wishing you a doubly Happy 41st Birthday. After all, you’re not just my mom, but my best friend.
  • It’s your birthday! Kick up your feet and let Dad do all the work today.
  • Mom, I was going to bake you a cake for your birthday. But then I realized that, with my baking skills, not baking you cake would be a better present. You’re welcome – and Happy 41st Birthday!
  • Sending a special birthday wish to someone who did her best to make every one of my birthdays special.
  • Sometimes on your birthday I wonder what my life would be like if you hadn’t been born. And then I think: You wouldn’t be alive then, stupid! So, thanks for being born, Mom. Hope you have an awesome day.
  • Thanks for taking care of me when I was little, Mom. Because you and I both know that if it were all up to Dad, I wouldn’t have made it. Happy 41st Birthday!
  • The years go by, but some things never change. You never stop being there for me, and I never stop thinking I have the best Mom in the world. Happy 41st Birthday!
  • What’s more special than being a mom? Being a Birthday Mom! I hope you have day full of relaxation, wine, sweets, and everything else that makes life grand.
  • When I was little, I used to look up at you and think I had the prettiest Mom in the whole world. Now you’re older, I’m bigger, and my opinion hasn’t changed one bit. Happy 41st Birthday!
  • When you’re a kid, you take everything for granted. I just assumed all those birthday parties, cakes, and presents happened by magic. Now I appreciate all the work that went into it, and the lady who pulled it off. I hope some of that birthday magic comes back to you today, Mom.
  • You’ve given me unyielding support, unconditional love, and life itself. I can’t give you anything for your birthday that compares to that. All I can say is that I love and appreciate you, on your birthday and every day.
  • Your kids are all grown up, so you can get as wild as you want on your birthday. Have a great time, but try not to embarrass me too much, okay?

Happy 41st Birthday Messages To Mother

  • Happy 41st birthday, mom. Thank you for raising me the way you did. May you have a wonderful birthday.
  • Every year I look forward to your birthday, mom, just so we could spend time together and bond again. As you turn 41 today, may you experience a great turn around in your life for good.

Happy 41st Birthday Poem For Mom

This poem was a tough one to write
as there is so much to say,
you’ve always been there for me
when my skies were gray!

You have reached the prime of your life,
today you are forty one;
so enjoy it and let us pamper you
as you have always done!

You are one, (of the very few people),
who thinks of themselves last;
putting other people first can be a good thing
but its time to make that a thing of the past!

You’ve done your bit for everyone else
time to start thinking of you,
pamper yourself and live life to the fullest
the way you should do.

I’m sorry if I don’t always
make the right decisions in my life,
when I stress you out and upset you
it cuts to my heart like a knife.

I know I don’t always show you
how thankful I really am,
I know I can’t ever repay you for all you’ve done
but I’ll try the best I can.

There are not many kids who can say
their mother is one of their best friends,
that’s what you are to me
and you will be till time ends.

I guess I’d better end this poem
as I could go on and on,
you’ve done so much for me,
to mention everything would take too long.

So have a very happy birthday Mum
and remember this;
I love you dearly and for you to be happy
is what I wish.

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