70+ Happy 3rd Birthday Son Wishes

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Happy 3rd Birthday Son
Happy 3rd Birthday Son

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Happy 3rd Birthday Son Wishes

  • Happy 3rd Birthday Son! All dinosaurs know that you’re as cool as can be when you turn 3-years-old.
  • Happiest 3rd birthday, my adorable son. You are my world and my life is focused on you alone. You are like the sun which is the center of the solar system.
  • Happy 3rd birthday kid! I wish your third birthday will be three times more amazing than the previous two birthdays with so many gifts and cakes.
  • Happy 3rd birthday, my boy. I am wishing you to grow up in the earth with lots of love and happiness. I want you to become a great person that I am expecting. May you live and have good things always.
  • Happy Birthday my 3 year old little man, though you’re small but you’re still a man, so we’re going to share mom’s love equally. Hehehe. Have a fantastic day son.
  • Happy birthday my little angel. Today you turn 3 and I am so excited to see you growing into such a strong man!
  • Happy birthday, boy. It has been so fast, I can’t believe that you’ve turned three today. It feels like you are the same little boy. All of your birthdays are full of celebration and this birthday also will be something amazing.
  • A fabulous 3rd birthday to my sweet little son. You are my heavens.
  • After three daughters, we wanted to have a son. I’m happy that you came to our lives. It’s your third birthday. Enjoy your birthday, my son.
  • Although the first thing you did once you learned walking is punching us, we still love kissing you sweetie. Enjoy your 3rd cake baby.
  • And the cutest baby award goes to-.? To someone who just turned three. Happy 3rd birthday!
  • Aww! My little boy is going to be a man soon. I don’t know how three years have been passed. It is so fast. You have been so adorable and amazing by the time. Happy 3rd Birthday, son!
  • Baby blessing directly from heaven. Thank you, Lord, for bestowing me such a nice and adorable baby. Happy 3rd birthday, my son.
  • Congratulations on your 3rd Birthday. I do not know if you will be a professional baseball player or a space astronaut, but I know that you are a very special little boy. Happy 3rd Birthday!
  • Gone are the days where babies take their time to grow. Within a blink of an eye, Boom!! You’re 3. Happy Birthday anyways!
  • Have an amazing 3rd birthday my special guy
  • Here are some funny 3rd birthday messages for a kid who is turning 3. You can also visit this link to find a big list of funny birthday messages.
  • Hey little champ, I can’t believe that it has been three years that you’ve come to our life. I feel like a few weeks. That is an amazing journey to raise you as a good kid. We love you so much, happy 3rd birthday.
  • Hoping your 3rd birthday is three times as amazing as your first two (with three times as many gifts and cake). Happy 3rd birthday!
  • I can clearly recall how it is to be a young kid. Whatever happens along the way, just hang on to what you want to achieve and you will surely be guided as far as where you can go. Happy birthday, baby!
  • I have learned 3 things from you, SMILE, LAUGH & GIGGLE. Yes, you’re the cutest when you do any of them. Love you, sweet boy!
  • I hope this 3rd birthday will bring lots of happiness in your life. I always pray to God to keep you healthy and fine always.
  • I still can remember how good it is to be young. I wish you to put your dreams ahead and go for a win. You will be someone very special in your life. I have lots of love and good wishes to you on your third birthday.
  • I trust in the saying that the best present is God-sent. You are the greatest gift I have received from the heavens. I thank God that I have become a mother to a wonderful child. I am grateful that you make me a proud mama. Happy birthday, my dear son!
  • I wish a wonderful 3rd birthday to the cutest son ever.
  • I would like to give the first and last wish on your third birthday. I hope I can be one of the reasons why you smile. Happy birthday, my beloved grandson!
  • If I were a Solar system, you’d be my sun because my world revolves around my son. Happy 3rd birthday!
  • It amazes me how you found a lot of nice friends at your age. You have just turned three and you have already influenced a lot of your peers. May you grow as an influential person to the people around you. Have a fun 3rd birthday!
  • It doesn’t matter how many years have passed, but you will remain the same kid for me. Now you are three years old and you are growing so fast. We wish you a happy 3rd birthday with so much love and happiness.
  • It’s amazing the number of friends you were able to attract to this birthday. You are influential at a tender age. Love you, honey.
  • It’s your third birthday today, baby boy! I hope that this birthday finds you with plenty of lovely gifts and a fantastic day out with your best friends. We love you so very much!
  • Knock Knock!! Who’s there? The 3-year-old prince!! Happy birthday champ.
  • Me and your mom always thought of ourselves as cinema people but this year, you have showed a clear predilection towards the TV screen. Well, they do say this is the golden age of television, so I think it is safe to say you have great taste. Happy third birthday.
  • My baby, I promise to be your friend especially as you grow older. Please know that I will always be with you in whatever situations you might be in or whatever challenges you might face. Have the coolest birthday, my little guy.
  • My child, you bring sunshine to my day and radiance to my night like never before. I dearly love you. Have a joyous 3rd birthday!
  • My dear son, I love you so much! Your 3rd birthday is going to be awesome. We are blessed to have you in our life.
  • My little boy is becoming a little man pretty fast! I wish you would not rush growing up but it seems like that is not possible. I wish you will become a good man someday, this world has enough jerks. I know you are the change this wolf needs, I know your dreams will take you places. Happy birthday, my little super man. I love you more everyday.
  • My little one, you are my exact carbon copy. You take away all the blues and my tiredness. When I’m with you, I feel so good. I want to greet you the best 3rd birthday.
  • Sweet as honey, cute as a bunny, beautiful as a lily and also very funny. This is how I’d describe the best 3-year-old I know. Happy Birthday dear!
  • Take lots of love on your third birthday, Happy Birthday. I have a suggestion for you on your special day. Whatever happens in your life, keep focusing on your goal. And always try to work on your passion. Never look back, only look back to see how far you’ve gone.
  • Three years old and you are already trying to be a grown up! You hate to be called a kid. Don’t worry, you won’t always be a baby. Now, let’s celebrate!
  • To my dear little one, I can’t believe you have been with us for three years now. It seems like yesterday, you are just a tiny blip inside mommy’s tummy. Then after nine months of carrying you inside of me, plus three years of you here in the outside world, here you are becoming a
  • To my wonderful little man – happy 3rd birthday
  • To the best and most wonderful child, I want to greet you the happiest birthday. I pray that you’ll enjoy today and what is in store for you. You will always be in my thoughts. I pray for you to be more intelligent, happier and blessed as you grow older. We love you!
  • To the most charming baby, make a wish after you blow your candles. Wish wisely as you have been a little naughty. Happy 3rd birthday!
  • We as parents are blessed to have a son like you. We are celebrating your 3rd birthday with so much joy and happiness.
  • When I want to listen to the angel’s voice, I just listen to your laughter. I’m lucky to be blessed with a sweet boy like you. Have a wonderful 3rd birthday, my dear love.
  • Wish you lots of love and happiness on your 3rd birthday. It is an amazing occasion for the entire family to have some fun. Having a son like you needs the favor of luck. We are lucky to have you in our life.
  • Wow! You are getting so big and you are only three years old! What can’t you do, little guy?
  • You are a rare one among all the kids. You show so much initiative and you are sensitive to the others’ feelings and needs. You are such an intelligent child. Happiest birthday to you!
  • You are an amazing son and make me so proud. Happy birthday my little boy
  • You are getting old for your age. You’re barely older than 2, and you’re already
  • You are growing so fast dear son, it seems like a couple of weeks ago when you were a three months older kid, playing on my lap.
  • You are like a candle that illuminates my life by removing all the darkness. I wish you a very happy Birthday my son.
  • You are still little but you have so much energy. Look how adorable you are. I know that you will become big someday. You are destined for greatness. Have a cool birthday, my baby!
  • You are the cute credential of your parents love. You made us completed. We love you so much. Wishing you a very happy 3rd birthday, son!
  • You are the cutest boy I have ever seen in my life. Today is the special day of your life. On your birthday, I want to send lots of love to you. Wait, not only love I am sending lots of chocolates too.
  • You are the light of my life. My baby, my son – the most important thing to me. Have a wonderful 3rd birthday
  • You have been a blessing to us, a wonderful gift from God, and our little angel. You make us feel so satisfied and happy. Have a fun 3rd birthday, little girl!
  • You should have pie for your birthday instead of cake. You are close to being 3.14159265359 years old.
  • Your 3rd birthday celebration brings to us extreme joy, you are the beauty and glow added to our lives. Daddy and mommy love you so much. Happy 3rd birthday to our wonderful son. Keep growing
  • Your cute hands and feet, baby talk and merely your existence made a big impact on our lives. I pray that you will be the happiest on your 3rd birthday. Have a great one!
  • Your existence has brought lots of changes in the family. And I want to ensure that these changes are positive and for our betterment. We want to celebrate your existence in our life. Today you have turned third and it is important to arrange a big party for that. Happy Birthday, my boy.
  • Your three years have helped me to become the person I want to be. You inspire me with every passing day to continue to grow.

Happy 3rd Birthday Quotes For Son

  • Gorgeous boy, another year has passed since you came to fill our lives with joy and charm. Happy 3rd Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to the cutest 3 years old boy today! You’re growing up to look so much like your father – we hope you’ll be just as awesome and caring!
  • I trust in the saying that the best present is God-sent. You are the greatest gift I have received from the heavens. I thank God that I have become a mother to a wonderful child. I am grateful that you make me a proud mama. Happy birthday, my dear son!
  • We are so looking forward to your third year. To continue to learn about you and your sparkling personality! Happy birthday, we love you!
  • You have completed three years of your life my dear child. May God give you health, wealth, success, prosperity, and the entire world’s happiness. Happy 3 years old, son!
  • As you mark your 3rd birthday, may you have the courage to take advantage of all the opportunities that exist in life to brighten your future? Happy 3rd birthday Son.

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